Workflow & Skills Management

Standardize Business Processes Across Multiple Locations

GS PlantOptics offers AVEVA Work Tasks and AVEVA Teamwork, two dynamic workflows, and skills management solutions.

 Workflow and skills management can encompass everything from routine operations to escalated responses to critical plant operating conditions. We find that software solutions like AVEVA Work Tasks and AVEVA Teamwork provide proven benefits, such as:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enforcement of standard operational procedures (SOPs)
  • Elimination of paper documents with electronic forms
  • Increased collaboration of departments
  • Improved compliance to regulatory mandates
  • Process execution visibility and monitoring of performance
  • Integration of automated processes and enterprise systems
  • Standardization of operational business processes across multiple locations

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AVEVA Work Tasks

Advanced industrial workflow management designed for the digital transformation of work.

AVEVA Teamwork

A cloud-based platform for skills development, knowledge sharing, and team collaboration.

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