AVEVA Recipe Management

Digital formula and recipe management

AVEVA Recipe Management software offers simplified recipe optimization, deployment, adaptation, and execution.

With this software solution, you can increase your operational efficiency and flexibility. AVEVA Recipe Management reduces product changeover time while enforcing product quality and repeatability through parameter download and procedure automation. Key features of this digital formula and recipe management platform include:

Digital Recipe Management

Reduce product formulations and recipe management, increase recipe agility, and improve process and product quality by automating equipment setup and recipe execution.

Formula Management and Download

Fast and reliable equipment setup is the key to operational flexibility and quality control for many manufacturing processes. Formula management focuses on supervising formulas and equipment for consistent parameter value transfer to control systems. Formulas are maintained independently of plant floor equipment, which allows users to centrally manage product designations for use across multiple production sites regardless of each location’s automation system.

Recipe Management and Execution

Recipe management and execution offers the ability to establish procedures that define the order of equipment for execution. A recipe contains the specific procedure details as well as a mapped formula that outlines the making of a product by associating a formula and capacity parameters. Capabilities are also available for manual data input and acknowledgment.

Electronic Change and Execution History Record

Thorough history records and reporting allow users to view information about formulas and recipes that have been created, changed, or executed. Equipment, formulas, and recipes are all “versioned” items, meaning any configuration adjustment updates the version number.

Integrate with Any Automation System

The software can be integrated with AVEVA System Platform or used standalone with any control system via the OPC UA Data Access specification. The recipe procedure is coordinated with the control system using a state interface that can be configured to provide full alignment with ISA-88 standards.

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