Go-Live Standby (Local Business Hours)

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Go-Live Standby (Local Business Hours)

The Go-Live Standby service provides an AVEVA Select certified technical expert on-call to quickly respond
to any issue you might have as you put a new or upgraded system into production.

Putting a new or upgraded system into live production can be stressful. Tight deadlines are common, and last-minute unforeseen issues can lead to production delays with potentially large financial implications. Our Go-Live Standby service augments your resources with a dedicated AVEVA Select certified technical expert who is familiar with your AVEVA system and can help to resolve any issues that may prevent you from on-time commissioning of your application. Should an issue occur, your resource will solely focus on a resolution or a suitable workaround. If required, we can make arrangements for your resource to be on-site at your location

What’s Included
  • An introductory call with your AVEVA Select technical resource to discuss your AVEVA system environment, go-live activities, required testing, deadlines for completion, and what constitutes a successful go-live
  • Direct access to your AVEVA Select technical resource for a period of up to 8 local business hours of a single day for assistance
  • Completion report detailing any issues raised and remediation actions taken


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