Edge-to-cloud Data Management for Industrial Operations

AVEVA PI System takes an infrastructure approach to critical OT data that connects people to the information they need to support real-time decision-making and uncover deep operational insights. Nearly two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies rely on the PI System platform.

At GS PlantOptics, we know that engineers, analysts, data scientists, and developers alike realize measurable benefits from the AVEVA a PI System, including:

  • Break down data silos with an industry-leading system of record for operations data
  • Rapid integration with analytics tools, enterprise applications, and decision support systems
  • Bring contextualization and meaning to operations data that turns it into actionable information
  • Easy, self-service access to real-time data
  • Straightforward architecture that can be installed in a single week
  • Full security across all domains
  • Flexible implementation with core (on-prem), edge, and cloud offerings

Our experienced team trusts the PI System to deliver data securely and efficiently. We also offer award-winning, local support and expert training.

To learn more about how the AVEVA PI System can help your company achieve deeper operational insights and faster analyses of critical data, contact GS PlantOptics today.


Of the top 25 pharma
companies use PI System


Power & utilities use the PI System


Installations at food and
beverage facilities worldwide


Of the top 10 chemical
companies use the PI System

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