AVEVA Insight

Proven, Cloud-based Operations and Asset Management Software

To consolidate asset, operational, and production data into one easy-to-use location, GS PlantOptics recommends AVEVA Insight, a proven cloud-based platform.

AVEVA Insight is a simple-to-start and simple-to-use system. In turn, Insight can drive your company’s digital transformation with:

  • Secure access from any location, any device
  • Search-based navigation
  • Time series analysis
  • Geolocation and mapping
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Condition management and alerts
  • Asset efficiency analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • Process graphics
  • Condition management, alerts, and notifications
  • Restful API for data access and integration
  • Built-in publishers for more than 30 AVEVA products
  • Connections to more than 300 industry-standard drivers

Add-On Modules

AI and Machine Learning

AVEVA Insight combines real-time and historical information with AI and machine learning predictions to offer automated, condition-based, guided, and advanced analytics.

BI Gateway

AVEVA BI Gateway from GS PlantOptics synthesizes data from across your industrial operations into a single, trusted data set. It extends beyond Insight’s user-friendly analytics and dashboard-monitoring metrics and enables workers and decision-makers across the organization to use their preferred IT or business intelligence tools to query data. Business and finance teams gain contextualized insight combining industrial, time-series, and business data.

AVEVA Asset Library

Easily configure and deploy common field assets such as valves, controllers, motors, and instruments with pre-configured templates. Apply best practices across the business and address inconsistent or missing data.

Operational Performance

Increase plant asset utilization and operational performance with real-time dashboards comparing OEE KPIs. Locate areas for continuous improvement with root cause analysis.

Analytics Solutions for Operations and Maintenance

Employing the new advanced analytics capabilities in AVEVA Insight allows you to not only detect anomalies but also focus on process optimization.

Process-oriented Analytics for Operations

  • Predictable throughput. Identify ideal process conditions for a specific area of the plant and track current conditions versus target. Secure early notification if production throughput is slipping.
  • Reliable quality. Predict quality issues and enable operators to adjust production settings at the right time to achieve consistent quality and avoid waste.
  • Energy efficiency. Lower your carbon footprint and share insights for better energy use across the organization. Tightly monitor energy usage to expose hidden costs.

Asset-based Analytics for Maintenance

  • Predictable uptime. Minimize downtime caused by unnecessary cleaning cycles by predicting the optimal time frame for regular maintenance of an asset.
  • Reduced downtime. Detect failures days, weeks or even months before they occur. Decrease production losses and achieve higher throughput to meet changing market demand.
  • Predictable asset life. Forecast remaining asset life to manage operations and maintenance costs and life cycle management. Make confident CAPEX decisions with data-driven analytics.


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Reduction In Compliance Costs


Improvement in Efficiency

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