AVEVA Historian, formerly Wonderware

Big Data Collection, Storage and Analysis

GS PlantOptics is the region’s exclusive distributor of AVEVA Historian, formerly Wonderware, the original large volume plant data platform.

AVEVA Historian unites a high-speed data acquisition and storage system with a traditional relational database management system. It provides a secure, high-performance database to consolidate disparate data sources. In turn, Historian offers rapid retrieval techniques to make sense of the increasing amount of industrial data. This allows for faster, more informed decisions while keeping your team current on operational performance.

AVEVA Historian yields smarter business decisions with enterprise data access to high-fidelity data generated by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).



Required Data Storage Space


Million Tags





Optimize with AVEVA Historian Client

GS PlantOptics recommends AVEVA Historian Client to deliver real-time and historical production details to your operators, engineers, and managers. Use AVEVA Historian Client to tap into AVEVA Historian software for powerful data analytics – from simple statistical summaries to error correction and cycle time analysis.

Among the key benefits of AVEVA Historian Client are:

Rich Process Trending Analysis

  • Historical playback
  • Flexible time horizon
  • Static or live data mode
  • Single or stacked Trace X-Y scatter trends
  • Drag and drop data selection (Tag Picker)
  • Absolute or relative time scaling (Time Picker)
  • Powerful scaling, panning, zooming, cursors, and annotation

Fast and Easy Data Querying

  • Create your own data queries with over 20 query types.
  • No SQL skills needed! (Save your queries and use them in other applications)

Microsoft Office Add-ins

  • Data analysis and reports with Excel and Word add-ins
  • Connect to AVEVA Historian and build your data reports using functions, formulas, queries, and wizards

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