AVEVA Mobile Operator

Transform the Way You Work to be More Reliable, Safe, and Productive

AVEVA Mobile Operator improves operational efficiency, streamlines maintenance management, and increases compliance visibility.

The configurable software and rugged mobile hardware of the AVEVA Mobile Operator enable workflow, data collection, and general task management for plant operations, maintenance management, production tracking, and compliance applications. Plants see sizable improvements in operations with best operating procedures in:

  • Advanced Workflow Management
    Set alert thresholds to communicate when the deviation between actual values and predicted values exceeds allowed limits. Each alert event directly links to a graphical trend that shows the event data, threshold limits, and times when the values are in alarm.
  • Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting
    Generate and access detailed, comprehensive reports for cross-functional team sharing. Provide your management team enhanced visibility of performed field tasks. Plus, accelerate problem resolution with image capture with mark-up capabilities.
  • Automated Procedure Triggering & Accelerate Process Improvements
    Increase and sustain mainstream process improvements with consistent execution of best practices in the field. Enable operations to be more reliable, safe, and profitable.

Digital Your Mobile Workforce


Reduction in Breakdowns


Reduction in Downtime


Reduction in Maintenance Costs


Increase in Operator Efficiency

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