AVEVA System Platform,
formerly Wonderware

Real-time Operations Control Platform

Standardize and contextualize your operations processes with AVEVA System Platform together with Operations Management Interface (OMI). Formerly Wonderware, the AVEVA System Platform is the scalable solution for SCADA, MES, and IIoT applications.

AVEVA System Platform empowers your engineers, operations, and IT with:

  • Context-aware UI/UX visualization
  • Standards-based design techniques
  • Unique centralized deployment
  • Automated object and graphics library
  • Hardware agnostic connectivity that works with any PLC, RTU, or PAC
  • Device flexibility and scalability
  • Redundance at every level, network to application
  • Electronic documentation of system history, tracking, and auditing for IT compliance

Future-proof Investment

  • Architectural flexibility – designed to expand and change over time
  • Adaptable implementation – on-premise, cloud, or hybrid
  • Sustainable System Heath – proactive monitoring that mitigates the risk of downtime

AVEVA System platform offers an innovative user experience – capturing data in real-time, analyzing complex trends, and establishing a system of record. Additionally, GS PlantOptics provides local delivery services and training to help you optimize your implementation.

Contact our sales team to learn more about AVEVA System Platform or assistant in converting your existing InTouch application.


Reduction In Engineering Effort


More Client Sessions Per Node


Increase In Operator Efficiency


Reusability Of Initial Investment

Accelerate your modernization journey

Powered by industry-leading engineering experience, AVEVA System Platform is the ideal open standards-based foundation. Get started and empower your operators with advanced situational awareness.

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