Grand Forks Regional Water Treatment Plant

Grand Forks hybrid water treatment plant positively impacts community



  • Implement a cleaner, more efficient hybrid water treatment system
  • Simplify oversight responsibilities with new facility’s dramatically increased size by bringing the technology up to date


  • Previous 60-year-old water treatment plant relied on having operators in a control room 24/7 to manually acknowledge alarms and notify appropriate engineers
  • Storm, lift, and flood stations received communications through the water treatment plant since it was the only facility with staff on-site 24/7
  • New facility production levels are as high as 16 million gallons per day in the water treatment plant. Any aberration in the flow, quality issues, or chemical feed could be extremely detrimental.


  • AVEVA System Platform provides congruent standardization so each department is now responsible for their own assets, housed under one System Platform galaxy. The Operations Management Interface (OMI) view applications have features unique to each of the three departments.

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