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Whether you’re looking for a minimum level of support for an existing, steady-state application, or you need a higher level of support coupled with pro-active services for a mission-critical, evolving solution, GS PlantOptics services can be tailored to your needs.

Our Primary Services Team

GS PlantOptics has successfully completed a rigorous qualification process to become an AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) Certified Training Provider (CTP). Additionally, each of our class instructors and technical services engineers have passed AVEVA’s Certified Support Provider (CSP) examinations.

Our Application Consultants and Technical Support Engineers, certified in System Platform and InTouch, come from strong information technology backgrounds. Two of our Senior Application Consultants are also MES certified with hands-on experience executing MES systems. We are also certified AVEVA trainers, with extensive classroom and online training experience.


Certified Training Provider

Success Stories

Companies in the world’s most demanding industries share their success with operations management and automation software solutions from AVEVA.


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AVEVA Knowledge & Support Center

AVEVA Customer FIRST Support Program

Protect your investment with access to technical support and software maintenance and utilities.

Partner Community

Some challenges are beyond the scope of technical phone support. Reach out for assistance from our highly skilled team for projects ranging from full implementations to plan reviews.

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Your Success is Our Mission


Instructor-led classes to enhance your utilization of AVEVA software solutions.


Expert assistance for technical questions with AVEVA Customer FIRST Support.

Delivery Services

Services to plan, implement, maintain, and optimize your AVEVA software.

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