WIN-911 Implementation Redundancy

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WIN-911 Implementation Redundancy

WIN-911 is the most widely used alarm notification platform in industrial settings and has been a long-time partner of GS PlantOptics. If you want to increase the reliability of alarm notification, operational efficiency, and insight into common errors or maintenance requirements while reducing downtime and the number of staff required, then WIN-911 used in combination with an InTouch HMI, Edge, or AVEVA System Platform alarm system would be a great fit for you.

Our AVEVA Select professional services team has worked with the implementation of WIN-911 on top of an AVEVA alarm system for many years. Our team uses best practices to ensure the connection to your AVEVA alarm system (InTouch HMI, InTouch Edge, or System Platform) is set up and working properly and that your notifications on WIN-911 are set up and working properly.

For those situations where it is imperative that alarm notifications occur without fail, we also have the knowledge and ability to install and configure WIN-911 in a redundancy configuration. This will give you two physical instances of WIN-911 with failover capabilities so that no single machine failure will cause you to miss any alarm notifications.

What’s Included
  • Installation and configuration of WIN-911 software across two physical or virtual machines for redundancy
  • Connection of WIN-911 to your existing InTouch HMI, Edge or System Platform environment
  • Configuration of Grandstream Device for telephony options (if required)
  • Configuration of WIN-911 environment tailored to your needs: including scheduling, messaging, and notification options and types (phone, email, pager, text)
  • Functional testing of solution and failover capabilities
  • Architecture and implementation documentation

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