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System Platform Starter Services Bundle

AVEVA System Platform contains an integral core set of capabilities and services to support sustainable production, and operations performance improvement for consistent and reliable operations across processes to protect brand integrity.

AVEVA System Platform consists of multiple closely integrated AVEVA server products as a base system for multi-node Supervisory, SCADA, and MES/EMI solutions. System Platform is a combination of strategic application services built on ArchestrA technology and it can be applied to manufacturing and industrial information or automation applications. Professional services are required to implement the base system. Our AVEVA Select Professional Services offer a set of predefined and standardized services around the installation, configuration, and implementation of the System Platform. These services are required for end-users and systems integrators with new applications who do not have sufficient prior experience. Additional services may be necessary beyond this starter bundle, depending on the application.

What’s Included

Our AVEVA Select certified services team has the experience, resources, and utilities necessary to quickly but effectively implement a System Platform data collection system. We include the entire scope of services necessary, including:

  • Base AVEVA System Platform installation and configuration
  • Remote Desktop Services implementation and configuration (if applicable)
  • Base Object road map and template setup:
    • Development of object structure hierarchy
    • Connection of Operation Integration to PLC
    • Configuration and testing of Alarm and Historical events
    • Configuration and testing of graphic elements to InTouch
    • Establishment of application management
  • Advanced skills transfer
  • Milestone reviews
  • Implementation and architecture documentation of the system

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