Remote Desktop Services Implementation

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Remote Desktop Services Implementation

Implementing Remote Desktop Services into your AVEVA system provides many benefits to both the functionality and the management of your system. Our AVEVA Select Professional Services team is able to provide full implementation services from the Remote Desktop Server configuration to setting up clients in ThinManager.

When implementing Remote Desktop Services into your AVEVA system, clients will no longer need to be managed individually and will be managed from the Remote Desktop Server(s) only, which means far less time spent doing client updates and upgrades. When client replacement is needed, there is no longer a need to install any software at the client level which means replacement can be done in a matter of minutes and be back up and running. When combined with ThinManager Remote Desktop Services management software, you can add functionality such as enhanced security, multi-monitor capability, and predefined display clients.

Our AVEVA Select Professional Services team has spent many years working with both Remote Desktop Services and ThinManager. We will help ensure that best practices are followed whether this is a new AVEVA implementation or a migration from a previously existing architecture. Our team is able to provide full implementation services from the Remote Desktop configuration to setting up the clients in ThinManager.

What’s Included
  • Architecture review and planning assistance including planning for redundancy
  • Installation and configuration of Server Operating System and Remote Desktop Services Role
  • Installation and configuration of Remote Desktop Services Licensing Role
  • Migration of any existing AVEVA applications to be compatible with a Remote Desktop Services environment
  • Installation and configuration of ThinManager in a single installation or redundancy installation environment
  • Configuration of clients within the ThinManager environment
  • Deployment and testing of the Remote Desktop Services system
  • Implementation and architecture documentation provided at the completion of services

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