InTouch HMI to System Platform Migration

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InTouch HMI to System Platform Migration

Our InTouch HMI to System Platform migration services range in delivery and scope based upon the specific implementation that you are looking to migrate. Please reach out so we can begin the conversation and investigation to enhance your AVEVA implementation.

There are many reasons for completing the migration from InTouch HMI to System Platform, but some customers don’t pursue it because they see the migration as a daunting task. Our AVEVA Select certified technical team has completed numerous such conversions and is aware of what needs to be done in order to complete a migration like this efficiently. We have developed procedures, best practices, and utilities throughout our many projects that ensure as little rework as possible as we move from a tag-based InTouch Application to an object-oriented System Platform implementation.

What’s Included

AVEVA System Platform offers many benefits above and beyond those available in stand – alone InTouch HMI or Edge Applications. Some of those benefits include:

  • Templete driven automation objects and graphics with one location for device configuration that offers unparalleled standardization across multiple lines or facilities
  • Context driven InTouch OMI Applications with apps that allow for additional functionality to your applications
  • Scalability that allows you to smart small and grow your implementation easily and efficiently
  • Full redundancy for both communications drivers and AVEVA Historian data collection
  • Automatic AVEVA Historian configuration
  • Automatic IO mapping and Auto-Build functionality
  • Enhanced alarming functionality
  • Enhanced security functionality, including supervised and verified writes

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