Simplicity in License Procurement and Usage with Access to the Full AVEVA Portfolio

Simplicity in License Procurement and Usage with Access to the Full AVEVA Portfolio

A unique, flexible subscription program, AVEVA Flex transforms how you buy and use industrial software.

The AVEVA Flex subscription program includes any mix of cloud, hybrid, and on-premises solutions. With this program, you gain simplicity in the purchase, consumption, and management of your AVEVA software solutions.

Key features of AVEVA Flex include:


Achieve the maximum ROI from your software investments by reducing up-front costs and capital expenditures with a subscription that offers full flexibility to access AVEVA’s market-leading industrial software portfolio.


Easily accommodate your evolving software needs by allocating investments across teams and sites or scaling up your existing contract.

Centralized Management

Leverage the intuitive central license management portal to empower your IT and admin teams with real-time information on software usage.


Enable your team to drive transformation faster. In addition to regular software upgrades, customize your program and take advantage of expert technical support and success services to accelerate time to value.


Minimize Upfront Costs
In the first year, CAPEX is typically

lower purchasing software through subscription

Fast Return on Investment
Customers by reducing the
CAPEX investment hurdle
6 Months

by reducing the CAPEX investment hurdle

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