AVEVA Development Studio, formerly Wonderware


Build Applications and Get to Market in Less Time

AVEVA Development Studio is an integrated engineering environment for SCADA, HMI, and MES application development.

The engineering environment enables developers to build highly maintainable HMI and SCADA applications and shorten time-to-market. AVEVA Development Studio’s shared development environment also helps you drive standards and best practices across your company.

With AVEVA Development Studio from GS PlantOptics you can:

  • Reduce HMI Engineering Cost and Effort
    AVEVA Development Studio includes an easy-to-use graphic editor that enables the creation of a wide range of real-time process graphics and visualizations, from vibrant graphics to best-practice situational awareness symbols. The template-based approach to HMI development enables reuse of data across multiple applications while encouraging consistency and adoption of company standards
  • Drive Standardization Across the Enterprise
    AVEVA Development Studio uses a single unified Plant Model that logically represents your processes, physical equipment, and industrial systems to make the design and maintenance of your HMI/SCADA systems more consistent and efficient.
  • Maintain Your System with Ease
    Centralized application management and deployment in networked environments allow AVEVA Development Studio to extend your system lifecycle and maintainability. Any application change or modification can be automatically extended throughout the enterprise.
  • Deliver Richer Customized Application Content
    Build more robust applications with limitless customization by leveraging new data sources and integrating siloed information.
  • Leverage the Cloud-Based Sandbox
    AVEVA Development Studio also includes access to Integration Studio, an infrastructure-as-a-service development environment that facilitates greater collaboration, rapid project creation, project archival, scalability on-demand, and the ability to manage multiple AVEVA development projects simultaneously.
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