AVEVA Communication Drivers

Configure, Connect, Collect — from Device to the Enterprise

AVEVA Communication Drivers offer a single, hardware-agnostic platform to enforce standards, simplify configuration and optimize communication uptime.

Our solution experts at GS PlantOptics find that AVEVA Communication Drivers can seamlessly connect and integrate different devices and systems with supervisory HMI and historized data storage. Other key benefits include:

  • Productivity Improvements with Automatic Tag and PLC Control Strategy
    The new Auto-Build feature helps increase engineering efficiency by reading a PLC program structure and automatically generating the Application Server templates and instances based on the PLC schema.
  • Support for OPC UA & MQTT
    Device Integration Gateway is a communications protocol converter. It recognizes and connects clients and data sources that communicate using various protocols and acts as an OPC UA client. Device Integration Gateway also supports message queuing telemetry transport (MQTT) protocol, making device setup, integration, and interoperability easier than ever.
  • Support for IIoT Connectivity Applications
    AVEVA introduced free 32-tag small application support to promote adoption and integration of IIoT edge device applications. This enables you to incorporate edge applications with 32 or fewer tags and connect online or to System Platform without additional licensing.
  • Lower Application Costs and Increased Throughput
    Communication Drivers help merge distributed architectures into fewer nodes. They allow parallel independent processing of I/O by individual driver instances. This drives higher overall throughput and enhances performance per driver and per node.
  • Seamless Version Upgrades Without Communication Disruptions
    Communication Drivers offer single point side-by-side upgrade capability. This unique feature lets you update your current driver version without disrupting continued operation of the legacy drivers.
  • Unlimited Scalability with Multi-Instance Architecture
    Gone are the days of restricting a single driver to a single node. Now you can run several, independent instances of the same driver on a single node.

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