1555 Ways to Maintain Operational Flexibility and Stability

5 Ways to Maintain Operational
Flexibility and Stability

Have you hit an efficiency roadblock with your AVEVA InTouch or other HMI application? Faced with ongoing operational challenges like an aging workforce, demand for standardization, and increasing dependence on high resolution data, it could be time to consider migrating to a superior supervisory visualization application.
  1. Bring Context to Your Application, Empower Operators

    EVA System Platform, formerly Wonderware diagram

    AVEVA System Platform, formerly Wonderware, with Operations Management Interface (OMI) helps you securely visualize operations across the organization using an asset model to pull context in real time, including:

    • Processes
    • Alarms
    • Events
    • Archived historical data


    Working with a single, common information stream makes system design and maintenance more efficient and flexible. It empowers operators with greater situational awareness that improves performance. The responsive framework re-imagines the traditional HMI experience to offer optimal viewing – whether you are on a desktop in the control room, or using a tablet on the plant floor or in the field.

  2. Standardize Your Implementation, Unify Operations

    With current resource constraints being felt all over, the standardization of your SCADA implementation helps:

    • Capture tribal knowledge.
    • When the aging workforce retires, their vast knowledge and experience goes with them. Standardization of information allows the necessary information to be retained in the SCADA system.
    • Speed up on-boarding, training, and cross-training of new and existing employees.
    • A system that looks and acts the same allows operators from any area to understand and utilize applications across the entire plant.
    • Expand the system efficiently.
    • Completing all implementation and design work with a templatized approach enables quick and easy expansion into new areas of the facility; or into new facilities altogether.

    AVEVA System Platform provides a collaborative, standards-based foundation that unifies people, processes, and assets across all facilities for continuous operational improvement, real-time decision support, and scalability.

  3. Implement Disaster Recovery, Protect Your Data

    Virtualization technologies such as High Availability and Fault Tolerance are great for ensuring that your system encounters little to no downtime in the case of an operating system failure. This technology should be taken advantage of, but it is not a cure-all for disaster recovery and redundancy of your SCADA System. If a lesser failure occurs (i.e., with connectivity or data collection issues), the system will not sense a malfunction. AVEVA System Platform offers redundant data acquisition and data collection out of the box to protect your SCADA system from failures that aren’t caught by virtualization technology alone.

  4. Modernize Data Management, Gain Peace of Mind

    Data collection is more important than ever, with many organizations gathering as much data as possible from the plant floor and using it to apply advanced analytics for improved decision making. Assigning which attributes you want to log to Historian has never been easier. Simply check a box and that attribute will begin logging into the Historian. Quickly analyze complex trends using AVEVA Historian Client to facilitate troubleshooting, identify inefficiencies, and minimize the time to takes to locate data.

  5. Enhance Your Alarm System, Reduce Operator Distraction

    The alarm .NET controls within System Platform are more fully functional and feature-rich than legacy InTouch ActiveX Controls. The alarm severity system is only available in System Platform. It allows users to set parameters that filter out nuisance or “bad actor” alarms based on severity and reduce operator distraction, so they are focusing on the most relevant process information on their screen.

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Listen to Genentech explain how their digital transformation boosted operations in their plant by reducing process variability and making better business decisions based on data.


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